Nice to meet you. My name is “Momo-nyan”.Since I was born, I was raised alongside other creatures such as dogs, cats, and birds.Among these, my grandparents particularly liked cats, and they fed stray cats, brought them into their family, and lived with them to the extent that they were never apart.

I was really fond of my grandparents and watching my grandparents enjoyably and lovingly interacting with cats, I felt somewhat jealous of cats since my younger days.However, as I grew up, I grew to love cats myself, and when my grandfather died, seeing the sad faces of the cats as if they knew what was happening, I decided that I wanted to learn more about cats, and inform other people!

This was the trigger for me starting “Kofukudo”!Further, as I like traditional Japanese items, as well as shiny and cute things, I decided to make decorations on which Swarovski were attached to traditional Japanese“Manekineko”.

When I go for a walk or go to temples or shrines, I am travelling with the “Manekineko”. I am publishing travel pictures and information on Instagram and Facebook.